take in vitamin D

during the summer days where it’s not breathe-taking, like literally choking summer of Australia because summer in Australia is 40 degrees celsius and I don’t like that type of summer, I like to sit back and enjoy the sun and absorb vitamin D…but I get bored easily.

so here are things you can do in the sun to be productive and also gain a lot of nutrients from the sun.


I know, I know, I mention reading a lot throughout majority of my blogs but it’s a nice way to just sit in the sun, breathe in the fresh air and just relax and read. by doing so, instead of wasting your time in the sun by looking through social media, reading won’t have you getting blind through the glare and just have some source of knowledge or shit embedded into your mind. reading is fun! either information, skills based, fiction, or just anything really. at least you’ll be able to be away from technology, be doing something relaxing and be a plant and photosynthesise.



another way to run away from technology is studying without your laptop. let’s be honest, you hate using your laptop in the sun because it glares and you can’t see shit or it ends up frying itself in the process. use your knowledge and just write down what you can study, read from the textbook and write notes. bask in the sunlight and study.


go to the beach

when I was younger, I was never a beach gal because for starters, where I live, I’m like over an hour away from a nice beach and I found it boring when I was younger. now, I like going to the beach in the non-destructive Australian summer, as a means of spending time with the family.

one time I went to the beach with two of my sisters and they told me to bring a book. I actually started and finished that book in the span of three hours just sitting in the sun. not only did I get a nice tan afterwards, I also was able to be out of the suburbs and finish a book.



just to let you know…I have never done this…yet. give me a break! I only did start properly exercising this year when autumn came. so I was never really able to workout in the sun. but! I would like to.

again, absorbing vitamin D but also being able to sweat. sweating is gross but it’s also great and evidence of you exercising effectively, your workouts actually working. so exercise in the sun! besides, there’s no difference from exercising in the living room than outside in the sun other than absorbing vitamin D. so go to your backyard, go to the local park and sit on the bench, or again, go to the beach and have fun.


anyways, before I sign off, remember to WEAR SUNSCREEN! PROTECT YO SKIN! yes the sun is good for vitamin D but it has the potential to cause skin cancer, so remember to wear sunscreen or wear a massive hat or be under an umbrella, you can still absorb vitamin D under the shade, you just need exposure to sunlight (according to google).

as always,

stay happy, stay safe and stay hydrated,


yours truly,




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