welcome to ‘little things you don’t realise…’

hello everyone! Elly here,


first off, welcome to my blog! this is where my thoughts, ideas and pretty much anything I can think of that I want to write about onto this webpage. if there is a HUGE chance that one of you readers has seen a Wattpad story called “little things you don’t realise…’ that is mine. I am the sole owner of that particular book and yeah it is something that a lot of people do say but I really think it can never be ended.

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my views on ‘meditation’

Let’s jump straight into it, meditation. I never did meditation. I always believed it was some yogi thing and it was just a waste of time. Simple. I didn’t believe in it.


book review: The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck

Hello there! Long time no see. I apologise for the lack of blog writing, to be honest, it’s because I have been lazy and haven’t grasped any new ideas to write about but I just finished the book, ‘The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck’ written by Mark Manson, and I thought, why not write a review on it?

how I stay organised?

I promise this will not be another blog entirely about the Bullet Journal system. Majority of my blog has been talking about it, go look through them but THIS IS NOT ABOUT THE BULLET JOURNAL!!!

So here I will present you of how I stay organised in my lifestyle.

*clap* year *clap* end *clap* review

If you follow Pewdiepie, you’ll know what I was doing with the title hehe. At last, or how fast, 2018 is coming to an end and here is my end of year review of my professional, educational and personal aspects of my life. Also, my fellow blogger Chris from Law Tortoise, has wrote his year in review as well and I could not thank him enough for the encouragement that he has given me for a lot of things, including starting this blog!

how I’ve become “healthy”

Now before you comment that I have titled this the same as my previous blog, I want to inform you that, yes it is the same title but not the same content. The previous blog explored how I started to become healthy and a timeline of what I’ve done in the first few months. However, in this blog I shall be telling you the habits that has helped me become healthy. Still confused? Well if you haven’t read the previous one, read it now, and if you have, keep on reading because you’ll more than likely see a difference of what I have talked about and what I will be talking about in this blog.

*DISCLAIMER: I am not a health professional, I’m not anything professional in this field. Purely experience*

Hello there! You’ve clicked on this post because you want to learn the healthy habits of this fabulous blog writer…I’m being sarcastic but seriously, I’m going to tell you some of the habits I started developing to become “healthy” and habits I will begin to become healthier.

Meal Prepping

Now this isn’t a habit, it’s more of a commitment. Every Sunday, I would go with my beloved to go grocery shopping and cook what we plan on eating throughout the week. For a long period of time, it was very effective, I knew what was going into my body in my lunches throughout the week and I didn’t need to worry about what I was going to do for lunch.

It also helped me save a whole buckload of money. I didn’t need to buy something from Subway or buy sushi rolls every single day. I already had food that I cooked for myself that was healthy and fulfilling.

Track Food Intake

I’m not necessarily tracking my calories. I’m mainly knowing what I’m eating is actually beneficial to my health. For example, when I eat a steak with a salad on the side, it’s high in protein and fibre. Because I’m tracking my food intake, I know how much protein, carbs and fat I am consuming on a daily basis. My goal is to eat more carbs and protein compared to fat hence related to meal prepping, I know what is definitely going into my body. There are different ways to track food intake, I use the app LifeSum. 


No brainer, you guys know I’ve been working out for a while now. I have changed my routine up every month, recently I have only been focusing on strength workout but now I need to implement cardio. I used to do heaps of cardio during uni time because I walked a lot and the cardio classes I wanted to attend was fun. However, I’ve been extremely lazy and the days that I used to do cardio became busy. But here I’ll provide my “ideal” workout split throughout the week.

Monday: Pilates/Cardio (60 mins) – My trainer encouraged me to do pilates at least once a week and I never regretted it. It really helped with my posture, flexibility and balanced out my body. I already wrote a blog about why pilates is bae

Tuesday: Legs/Cardio (45-60 mins) – I used to only do legs once a week but I love training my legs so I added another leg day into my week. Generally on this day I would do a class which focuses on legs but also is high intensity cardio, hence why I do both legs and/or cardio this day.

Wednesday: Arms (45-60 mins) – I target a lot on this day. Biceps, triceps, chest and shoulders. I personally like this because when I used to do for example just chest and triceps, or back and biceps, I didn’t feel that it was actually working and I wasn’t pushing myself. Recently, I’ve been thinking of including back workouts into this day instead of making a full day of itself because I need to focus on cardio more but for now, this is what it has been for the past few months.

Thursday: Back (45-60 mins) – I love back days. Not as much as leg days but I love it more than cardio and arms. I do want a fully sculpted back and I have a strong back now, but I may change this day into a cardio day.
Friday: Legs (45-60 mins) – Same thing as Tuesday but with no class and cardio.

These three habits I’ve implemented into my lifestyle are just the beginning of going towards what I define as a “perfect” healthy lifestyle. What are your healthy habits you have started this year? Or will you start new ones next year? There are so many habits I will be starting next year, probably should start now but you know…holidays hehe.

Anyways guys, I hope I have inspired you to start becoming healthy this coming year and have a wonderful holiday!

As always,

stay happy, stay safe and stay hydrated.

Yours truly,



i’m sick and this is what I do…

So I am currently sick and I am extremely exhausted and unproductive. I shouldn’t be doing anything besides rest but do you ever have that feeling where you still need to do something despite having difficulty of breathing and a sore body? Yeah…I’m feeling that right now. Here is the number one key activity I do to help me overcome the incompetent feeling during my time in need of rest without exerting myself.

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what’s in my backpack(s)? {2018}

I had three types of ‘backpacks’ I brought to uni these past two years. First one is for those days where I only attended lectures and classes; one is for those days where stayed longer to study after those lectures and classes; and the last one is for those days where I am purely just studying the whole day. I have three types of backpacks for those three types of days.

And here is what was in my backpacks.

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